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Hey hey hey it's meh Jordan I'm awesome person to be with hehe c: I'm gay you got a issue hahaha I don't care I love boys that's not a crime against it LOVE WHO YOU LIKE c: I also have bipolar disorder it sucks but I try to be happy the best I can .. OHHH YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT TOOO I DON'T CARE I'm really friendly nice great person I love to get to know each and everyone of you but don't p*** me off also I love hot topic and metal posthardcore hehe

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should i get an eyebrow periceing or a nose pericing

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BelaLugosi asked

:o you changed your name, whuuuuut?
I did not like my old username lol

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Hey Jordan. ^-^ How you been.?


dat potato chip tho :o


ill take a potato chip AND EAT IT!!!! Epic death note moment xD


which ones??