16 / Female / Bisexual / In Love
North Pole – US
My account was deleted ^~^ but I'm back every one! If you recognize me just add me ok? Okie! Feel free to message me!

My name is Aurora. I'm a very bubbly and bouncy person until someone hurts me or my best friends. Than I get angry or cry. Well I guess I should explain a little bit about me. I'm a little overweight, kinda tall. I was originally a blonde but i changed it to brown and now to black. I have a large family with my parents, my two twin sisters and my older brother. My sister had babies. A boy and a girl and my brother married a woman that has a son. So I'm diverted in the art of babysitting. I like my privacy and space. I'm not a very social person outside the internet but, I'm very talkative on Skype once I get comfortable around a person. I can be harsh with revenge but I only take revenge when its for another person. And...I like speermint gummy things....yeah.

So you go:

Favorite bands
-Saving Grace
-Panic at the Disco
-The Fray
-Carry Me To Hell
-Moon over Mars <~~~Brothers band

Favorite Anime$:
-Boku No Pico
-Soul Eater
-Psycho Pass
-Corpse Party
-Free Fall
-My Life. Your hands.
-Tokyo Ghoul

Favorite animals:

Favorite color:

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Hi people ^~^