21 / Male / Metalsexual / In a Relationship
Skittle Gang 😂🌈 Edgyy
Nope – US
I am barely ever on, but don't hesitate to send me a friend request regardless. I will accept when I do end up getting on.

Real name is Eric.

I love metal music

Bands I enjoy are:


Motionless in white

Bullet for my valentine

Rob Zombie

Suicide Silence

Avenged Sevenfold


In this Moment

New Years Day

Fight The Fury
I love playing video games

Final Fantasy XV

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Dying Light

Watch Dogs

Assassin's Creed

Mass Effect Series

Dragon Age

Animal Crossing


Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Anime fan


Dragon Ball

Elfen Lied

Death Note

Log Horizon

Luck & Logic


Howls Moving Castle

I like to voice act

Interesting things about me:

I currently practice screamo (not often anymore)

I know a s***load of lore behind Final Fantasy VII

I livestream on Mixer.

I want to be a paranormal investigator.

--that is all for now--

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every time i log on, jack seems to be the only one on my dash

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Anonymous asked

No. It. Isnt. Its your dick. Duh.
jeez, you seem obsessed with it. dont remember f***ing anyone but okay.

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