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I sit here on my bed, lonely, in thought...imagining what life would be if I could have control, imagine what life would be if I had control of the future, the beginning to end, the life what I want, the life what will never happen. I sit here on my bed...not able to eat, I am not normal nor special. I am not a person who will be respected or rembered, I will only be forgotten, and remembered in only my familys memory, I will still be sat here, the emptyness lingering around me, causing me to go totally out of my mind, causing me to forget those who are the most important, following those who are bad, repacing my life to a whole different path, starting on day 1 again, sad..and depressed. What am I? I am not someone who is a inspiration to this world. No, of course not, I have no life thats why, I just sit here, moving without an inch. Thats who I am, nothing a no one, a nobody. I can't sort that, I cant prevent that. No. No one can. This is me. This is my life. And most importantly, this is who I am.

I am not seeking attention..why would I bother seeking when no one cares, no one listens, no one listens to the sudden flow of tears that fall, why? because no-one cares. Why bother living? why bother spending another day, another day to see pain, another day to meet sadness hitting you down like a ton of bricks. Why have no control? why, because god doesnt want that, god doesnt want that for me, god can't bare to see me smile. God can't bare to hear me laugh, why? its because thats what I want. I want...I want to wake up to a thousand butterflies in my heart, my smile smiling by its self, not being pulled up by some strings, I want to live life like someone NORMAL. I can't continue to live days like this, I can't let god take advantage of me, he has allowed me to let go, allowed me to let go of my innerself. Why?, why?. Because thats life, thats the life that I wake up to, I live each day. I dont want this. But I dont have a say. I can't do it. I can't carry on with living like a total mess. My head has a thousand words in it, that has been crossed out each day, I am not happy, I am not pretty, I am not skinny, I am not PERFECT. I am not normal. Thinking that I am not normal crushes me, why cant I be normal like others?. Just why?

Don't hate me because i wasn't who you thought I will be or who you would want me to be. From start to finish you will never know the real me.
I will not say that im not a bitch sometimes..because that would be a lie! but everyones a bitch right? and everything! but you get through it eventually [: just please don't annoy me because I don't want to be bitchy to those who I have just met [:
Love me hate me its still an obsession.



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Is this place dead? Because it literally seems dead af to me. Like, no one talks, like what...should I just get rid of this s***? -Undecideddd

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