19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Things I Love>...<
-Hair dye
-lip piercings
-The InternetLOL
-Taking pictures
-Nightmare B4 Christmas
-Niddles (even tho I want tats)>.<
-Stupid people who think that they know every thing and r better than everyone ( ur not)
-NailPolish I can never keep it on lol:D
My favorite color is black/bright green.
I love sweet things that's pretty much all ill eat.
My history!!!!
until about age 8 I had practically everything I could of wanted. Then I lost it all when my dad ( step dad ) got sick. we couldn't pay the bills. just to have he be InAndOut for about a year, me and him started to fight a lot, it got to the point of us screaming as soon as I got home. then one day he just said that "he'd be back later" and he didn't come home. hes now living with his new girlfriend, All threw out this my mom cried a lot. anyway now me and my mom have begun to live in a two bedroom apt, she now works two jobs and im going to be going into highSchool soon!
if u read threw all of this thx! and I hope u found my "About Me" interesting