23 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Bikini Bottom – US
Hey, I'm Rebecca. I like Post Hardcore bands along with other music. Im an old school gamer (Nintendo all the way!!) Don't be gross or annoying. If I get bored of our conversation I won't answer. (Sorry, not sorry.) I DON'T HAVE SKYPE OR SEND PICS SO DONT ASK! ⋆*✫ Personality: ≎Creative, ≎Quiet, ≎Freak/Weirdo, ≎Animalistic, ≎Stubborn. ⋆*✫ Style : ≎Tomboy, ≎, ≎Emo SCENE KINDA_) ⋆*✫ Outlook : ≎Pessimistic, ≎Realistic. ⋆*✫ Humor : ≎Dark, ≎Odd. ⋆*✫ Perfectionist
So be a lil goofy goober and add meh ;P

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Well i know i havnt been on..its cause i solf my laptop sobmy crazy drug addict of a girldriend could use the money for her meth use snd then i broke my phone and had to wait to buy a new one then two of my now ex friends been doing nothing but harassing me so yeah my life so far has been nothing but s*** but i lnow nobody cares so its all good