18 / Male / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Strong Big Sis anaraynn
Midgard – US


🍳🐖Taken Bacon🐖🍳

Hello people of the Scenekids, I'm Gabe. I like Minecraft, Anime, and I'm starting to get back into more intense games. I love travel and on of the places I would love to go is India!!!

(to be continued when i return)
(I have finally returned)

I'm balls deep in love with this babe and we are about to have our one year anniversary! (August 22)
Well anyway back to my gamer things. I have a PlayStation 3 and my gamertag is GabeWonderAngel ( I an limited on games so ask before to friend or whatever)

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Breakfast at 1 am ahhhhhh yes