20 / Female / Single
Narnia – US
Hey, so if u want to know the first thing about me, know that i have an unhealthy obsession with these bands:
Pierce the veil, BVB, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS (going to their concert in November!), Rise Against (their songs have the power to make me bawl sometimes. They're just indescribably talented people), My Chemical romance (a little), PARAMORE (my life pretty much revolves around them!), Tonight alive, Falling in Reverse, evansence, Bring Me The Horizon, and pretty much any band that plays regularly at warped tour. (I don't really like Asking Alexandria, which I know will probably get me a death sentence someday considering all my friends like them...)
I accept like, every friend request! :)
I'm also not one of those people that enjoys sharing my horrible traumatizing childhood and how much my life sucks, so don't bother asking. Basically if you like music, art, and anime we're gonna get along just great :P

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Lost my straightening iron in the middle of a cornfield in WY. Excuse me as I go hairspray my bangs till they feel like cement...

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