21 / Male / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Cranston – US
Hiya, name's Jay! I'm a Weezer fan, Pokefreak, and the human version of Sans. Studio ghibli is my life and anime is my soul. i am mentally ill and suffer from crippling depression so sometimes responding and just functioning is tough for me. i've been diagnosed with BPD, GAD, PTSD, severe paranoia, and schizotypal tendencies. i'm usually sick the majority of the time and i want to use this as a sort of recovery blog. if you are pushy, i will block you. i don't like going too fast, i like making friends but don't take me out of my comfort zone.

Update: i am now a homestuck. it sucked me in and produced head babies inside my brain.
music i like:
The used
green day
death cab for cutie
linkin park

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cute girls give me life