19 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
New Jersey – US
Bands, Food, Internet, & Cats c: <3 okok.

Don't go on unless you're my fabulous unicorn c;

Hai duur, Im Gina <3 I can be a bit weirdyy <33 x; I lurvs talking to people. Ladies don't worry I wont flirt if you're straight. Im not that weirdy T.T Buuuh, I don't know, just reaally like potatoes c: Um um, Im 5'0 ft ;-; I know I'm short. DON'T BLAME ME, I'M ASIAN. Huehue. Errr, I no know ;n; Message me darlings if youzz wanna be my fraaandz <:

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I want to keep my hair burgundy, but then I want to dye it black .__.