20 / Male / Gay / It's Complicated
The middle of fucking nowhere. – US
Welp, f***.

-Young and reckless.
-My name Jack<3
-Don't be shy, message me any time!
-If your a dick, don't talk to me.
-Writing and music is my life.
-Pokemon fan, so f*** off.
-High school sucks.
-I suck at spelling, I'm sorry.
-Foxes are cool.
-I like anime and cosplay.
-If you buy me food, we're already friends.
-I have major issues, yippee for being a teen!
-I love Winter, snuggling, my dog, ice cream, tumblr, and scary movies.
-Sleep is for the weak.
-People who put ice in milk scare me.
-Here for you<3
-Gayer than Elton John c;
-Once upon a time I was blonde.
-Kate: She's my best friend and sister. Mess with her I f*** you up.
-I enjoy a variety of music such as artists/bands like Ghost Town, The Academy Is..., Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, The Smiths, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Get Scared, Marina and The Diamonds, Man Overboard, The Frey, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice and Men, and more than I have time to name.
-I don't even know what I should write anymore, I suck at this s***.

So, yea bye c: