24 / Female / Lesbian / In Love
Hey everyone~ <3
Ohh right, this is supposed to be all about me, and you're reading this, expecting to gain some notion of who I am. Well...That's intimidating.
I'm friendly, I won't bite unless you ask me to ;). Uhmmm...I grew up in the country, with no one else my age around, so I didn't really know how to behave around people I should be befriending. So naturally, people left me alone. So I turned to art. My pencils, pens and brushes were my friends. In high school, I started cutting, then I started making paintings out of my blood. It seems a little creepy, but it made me feel like I was making something beautiful with myself. I've also suffered with bulimia, but I'm all better now ^^. Now I tend to make paintings on the computer! Ask me if you want to see my art :DDD.
Also, feel free to send me sexy pictures of yourself, I like to paint women, but since I don't know many people, I never really get the occasion to. Also. Be.My.Friend.I.Will.Love.You.

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I critique myself like I do anyone else. So if I critique you harshly, figure I'd do the same to myself.