26 / Female
I am a Photography/Business Student,
I have Tattoos & Piercings that I love & don’t care if people judge me for them!
I have an addiction to Pikachu, and Hello Kitty! Red Plaid, Polka Dots, & Black & White Pictures.
I LOVE music
I love the words.."Mojito" & "Zen" they make me laugh :3
I’m highly afraid of Open Water, Cannibalism, and Yes…The Dark.
I adore Pillow Pets.
I love panda burrs :3
Old cartoons, Chai Tea
& Hoodies!!!!
I LOVE to play video games, I'm not Xbox360 v.s PS3 I own and equally love both <3 My addiction to playing Fable is sad really.
I love Irish and Scottish folk music, and collect bumper stickers from Irish shops.
I have natural red hair and I love it!
I wear bright aqua colored eyeliner and tutus…and honestly don’t care what anyone thinks about it! :)
I smile at everything, I cry all too quickly, I talk too fast and laugh too much :P

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I sooooo cannot wait to get off work tonight!!!

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RebleCountryboy asked

If you hand an hour to spend with a family member who would it be?
My mother !