23 / Female
Earth – US
☕️ 🎧 💻 📚
↣Radford University.↢
↣Graphic Design.↢
↣ Studio Arts.↢
↣Broke ass Artist.↢
↣I have a 3.8 GPA.↢
↣Food is my Lord and Savoir.↢
↣I like music.↢
↣I'm addicted to coffee.↢
↣I love everyone(not really).↢
↣I drink a lot(but I'm not an alcoholic).↢
↣I sleep a lot.↢
-I'm here to f*** s*** up and laugh about it-
↣Don't be a stranger, don't be a creep.↢

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F***, it's been a while and this site has really changed lolol xD

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Aneurysm asked

9/10 i love your background omg c:
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Thank yoooooou! <333

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happy birthday!!!! (:


hello cutie pie


i think u like pizza a lot (i don't lol). it's cool ur into graphic design. my betsfriend is majoring in graphic design (: It's cool that ur a tumblr user (me too i have multiple blogs and 0 lives) & it says u like all kinds of music and ME TOO we have stuff in common broseph




You are for sure 😄


Awwwh thank you. You are as well


Hey :3 Thanks for accepting my friend request! Dont be a stranger now!