21 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Ithaca Ny – US
Hey! important bits, who the f*** do i think i am?!?
Welp! The name is Nicholas F Leone,anyway, i listen to weird music (violent femmes, Jeffery Lewis, RHCP, alot of edm, and some weird rappers,) i watch a s*** load of cartoons (I'm not a brony. at all.) and I'm a mechanic. A feminist, a narcissist,I live in Ithaca, Im a freelancer in advertising and social media management, My roommate and my dog are my best friends, also, I'm more of an ex scene kid, getting a bit old and professional for the getup and whatnot, I still do a lot of shows and listen to cutesy metal s***, don't judge! and that's all i can think of for now, say hi to me, i'm pretty approachable despite the god complex.

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It's come to my attention that most of the folks here don't really have jobs, my b.