18 / Male / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Naples – US
-Baby we built this house, on memories-

Hey! I'm Brad. I'm a gamer into a lot of things, mainly RPGs but I play a lot of League of Legends and have played practically everything at one point. I'm also in the closet irl about being MtF trans. Yeah I've got Skype, Discord, Kik, all that stuff so contact me however you really want. Looking for any friends, gaming teammates, or even a relationship if it turns out that way (pan with a preference for feminine people) Into punk and alt rock music mainly, but I'll listen to anything that isn't country music. (Which isn't even music, it's audible cancer.) I try to be funny as well as help those around me with any emotional problems they may have. I'm a big Homestuck fan, also like Doctor Who. I've only seen like 3 animes, not a huge fan but I don't completely dislike it. So yeah, contact me however you want if you'd like to talk. Wow after 10 minutes on this site I realized how much of a social cripple I am and how absolutely s*** I am at introducing myself to people

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Memes my friends, memes.

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