14 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Reykjavik – IS
hi im 14 and incase you haven´t noticed im weird im a weirdo i don´t fit in and i don´t want to fit in
have you ever seen me without eyeliner no its weird

i like heavyrock,screamo,emorap,emomusic
asking alexandria
suicide room
being alone
playing video games
listening music
hating myself beasuse it makes me laugh
make new friends
HORROR movies and techno like hatari
what i hate
People who text hi and then leaves when you say hi
rude people mean people
justin bieber
people flirtying with me for no reason
dishonest people
people who are idiots
one direction
people labeling themself it can be annoying
People calling a kid

my peronalitys
i draw
video games
being a dork and a weirdo
being lazy
watch youtube
making quotes
i can be real pain in the butt if your meann to me
im a nice person
im a leo
im icelandic and singaporean
im a loner and eh not much about me feel free to talk to me

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anyone wanna sent me a meme