24 / Female / Polysexual / Forever Alone
is going to get piercings with Darkxsunshine
Pleasant Garden. – US
15: 5'3.5: SiteModel: ErinnSingsLullabies: CrunkCore: PunkPop: Rap: Country: Hollwood Undead: Charlie Scene: J3T: Pink: Silver: Green: Toms: Snails: Gremlins: Animal Print: Texting: Anchors: Ballet: Singing: Bubbles: Short Boots: Owls: Octopus: Snakes: Hamster: ADTR: RJA: MCR: Photography: Color Guard: Chocolate Pie: Violin: Horses: Dandelions: Hot Air Balloons: You: Love: Romeo&Juliet: Teal: Winnie The Pooh: Blues Clues: Skinny Jeans: Greek Mythology: Poetry: Art:

Now that you know the basics, lets get deep.
-I'm not looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend at the moment.
-I love people but the don't always love me.
-I dream to be the face of Sweet&Toxic clothing
-I believe miracles can happen, everyone deserves a second chance, eyes are windows to our souls, respect is a privilege not a rite, not everyone should be given freedom, and memories are reminiscing on feelings past.

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ding my underneath red(:

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thank u sweetie ツ