23 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Best friends with KitKatLove
Apalachicola. FL – US
HERRO!! I'm EquivalentExchange!! But you can call me Brittany. Let's see...Oh! Music! I enjoy most hard rock, J-rock, some J-pop, heavy metal, and some techno.

Filth in The Beauty by the GazettE:

Core Pride by UVERworld:

Not Like the Movies by Scream Out Loud:

Koi wa sensou (Love is war) Cover by Yamai:

Now what? Hmm....OH! I have a sugar glider!! His name is Bentley. If you don't know what a sugar glider is you should look them up. I have a Lab/Husky mix, her name is Hvrese (hah v ree see its creek Indian for moon), a white German shepherd, his name is Thor, a chiweenie, her name is Lacey, and lastly a Laupa/shi tzu mix and his name is Chewy.
I love to draw. I also love anime. I am 6'2" tall. yes I know I am very tall. I don't take s*** from anybody. I speak my mind and now I'm gonna stop talking about myself and let you continue scrolling down like a creeper. (you know who you are.)

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Hetalia: Paint it, White

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Thanks for accepting ^_^