15 / Female / Straight / Single
Haleyville,Alabama – US
Hey, my name is Emo Mae/ Meriana. I made a new scenekids because my other one was deleted ( BECAUSE MY SIS DELETED IT).

Likes: Dogs, cats, dolphins, tigers, lions, etc.

I also like metal bands, like Black Veil Brides, Evanescence, Pierce The Veil, Adele, etc.

I also like playing video games, like C.O.D. Black Ops 2,Skyrim, etc.

Facebook: Mae Mae Aguilar/Meriana Aguilar(different ones)
Snapchat: Merianaaguilar0

Ask me any questions if you want to know any thing about me, and I WILL answer HONESTLY, i PROMISE.

Dislikes: People who judge people for their religion, color, race, if they like what the other person hates, if they are emo, goth, punk, etc.
Racist people, or if you don't like the music their listening to, how they dress.
So, if you are anything like what I just said BYE.

And I am a caring person, SO, if you try to break me down I am going to admit it YOU WILL succed, BUT, I will make you feel 100x smaller than what you made me feel.

Don't Listen To What People Say to You, or just do what I do make them feel smaller than what they made you feel.

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I'll try my best to get on here when I can.

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A.Smile.a.Day  asked

do you play world of warcraft

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Thanks for accepting me :)