21 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Maii sister <3 Ellie.Holt.Cartullo
Victoria – CA
Haiiiii XD
Im Ember
tbh I dont know how to write one of these so I'm just gonna say that I love new people ;) I only bite if you wants meh too. I have 2 sisters, and 2 brothers Finn 19, Ellie 17, Ashton 17, and Brit 22. MUSIC haha best part:
Chris Webby
Whatever music....

Message me if you wanna get to know me XD I'll probably message back but only if I'm not busy which is alot of the time.... I have ADHD, Im random, and I also have anxiety, depression and can be really anti social sometimes soorrryyyy its not mah fault XD luv ya xoxox
hmu <3

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Ellie.Holt.Cartullo asked

Piercings or tattoos?
Depends Ellie, but imma say both aha

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lol I like you already xD he's the s***


chris webby<3