17 / Male / Bisexual / Married
Cuter person💖🌺 chodesnorter71
Hell – US
S k a t e F a s t,
E a t A s s™
names oliver
my music taste is s***
i make random appearances


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Hi I haven't been to sleep

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Anonymous asked

Your review of Ginpop.com
Well obviously it has gotten dead. Yea, it was dead in 2016 & 2017 but it wasn't as much ya feel? I think now people who join gp are rather annoying.

I don't come onto this site anymore to know much of how it turned out tho so I can't give much of a "review" I just judge upon what I see now

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Happy Birthday


Hi boyo I like you a lot


Tbh your pretty nice we should talk more


You're dp is adorable & I like your bg ♡