106 / Male / Gay / Single
somewhere ._. – US
F*** Bitches Eat Pizza n.n

Okay I feel like I need to say more about myself. K so I'm Dylan I'm 17 and even though it says "single" I'm not looking for anything I'm a hyper
little mother f***er *-* I am a world class twerker lol joking I have no ass ;-; I just lay around outside naked looking to get raped xD haha okay now that you guys hate me for making fun of rape I should say I'm sorry :P okay moving on I very everyone says there "weird" but are usually boring and then say there "socially awkward" and all I can say is don't be f***ing boring because I'll ignore you sorry but its the truth all and all I'm a pretty nice person I think I get along with people very well
I like all types of poeple really so I'm always intrested in meeting new people so please talk away <3 never call me adorable its just... reasons >.> I love hugs o3o FREE HUGS!!!! Wait.. no you might rape me.. but I want it <3 xD no I don't please don't find and rape me ;-; I love you all bitches! But I like pizza more anything else you want to know just comment below or inbox me n-n

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You speak cat too??? :3