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super goodiiiieeeeeee frienddd of re22za
Well Hiya, My name is Aundrea (On-Dree-Uh) Im 16 I Live life like I want to I Love Austin Mahone & The Crew Dont know 'em? Look 'em up! I love all kinds of music, from Michael Buble to Carrie Underwood, to Pierce the Veil, and
of course Austin! I Have Black hair (That is Un-Tame-able) and Blue eyes Im really shy but once you get to know me, Im like this Amazingly Awesome Person Love me? Love you too ;3 Like me? Message me?! *Wink* *Wink* Hate me? Im so sorry you feel that way. I Have a dirty mouth.. Well thats it! Peace Bitches
Hey Beautiful<3 All our lives we are told things we cannot do, we are told to give up and not bother. People would always comment on how we dress, how we talk and how we act, they'll say that we're not good enough or strong enough or talented enough. They'll say we're the wrong height, the wrong skin tone, shattering our confidence on the process. But even though they will tell you no a thousand times until the no's become meaningless, you shouldn't let that beat you down. Stand up, fake a smile and look straight past all the insults they throw at you and show them that you can do it and that you will do it. Your beyond what they think and what you think and frankly, you're one hell of an awesome person. So do me a favour and smile, because darling, their insults may hurt you and cause break your heart but at the end of the day they aren't true, it's just a bunch of foul words that have no meaning. Show them they're wrong and leap over the boundaries set in front of you because you're not only amazing but you are also beyond their expectations. Don't ever give up love <3 I'm always open for a chat :)

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you don't like me then Oh Well your loss <3

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thank u my awesome friend xD


You are super cute .-. Just thought u should know


i love all ur pic :D




u r really beautiful