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just ask, my Instagram Diatoxicotic/,/ in this world.. we strive to make an impact or maybe jeust a change, but how can we with our life always under attack, i say dear.. where might your life pack be?.. or maybe your just like me, bound with chains of society but not for long... i will be free, to be unique is all me, but it is your choice to follow me... to be free..to be unique like me..., be the better be the one true u as i will always be the me i dream to be!.. i have to say, this seems like more then just reality... wont you change it as u dream it to be?

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press play, walk away im your laptop dj, i dont know how to mix so i just click on sync, pls dont cheer to loud for me it will go to my head, and if the music stops it means the batteries dead,lyrics, just got done with my exams for today, my last one is tomorrow in art lol, hope everyones had a great day so far

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Rowan asked

Happy Birthday!
Thanks XD

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Happy bday ^-^






Sup sexy miss me ;p


I heard youโ€™re good in algebra, can you replace my X without asking Y ๐Ÿ˜


well honestly i don't think i look that good but i just put on make up and do my hair and get up really early


thank you
and nuuu


well i just put a lot of make up on an do my hair