17 / Non-binary
Sah dude.
Funnily enough, I only came here cause of an old video of Brendaniels.
But here I am.
I'm Dexx. I set my gender as non-binary cause I don't like saying I'm a girl but no-one sees me as a guy. So f*** 'em.
Right, I like:
-Red and purple things
-Sparkly things
-Flower crowns

I'm also into anime and cartoons.
I'm not into life, however. Right now s*** is rough (even though it's really not and I'm probably just making a big deal over nothing but ugh).

I also have a Deviantart account.
Check it out yo.

Message me if you wanna chat, but be warned, I can be awfully rude and meme oriented. Or even awkward. It depends on my mood really.