22 / Female / Bisexual / In Like
Hey, my name is Destiny... Desti, Dessy, what ever works for you.
I'm 19 and an eternal weirdo. I'm reasonably intelligent, and pretty much have my nose buried in a book, or an intense stare down with a video game at all waking hours.
My friends describe me as weird, and hyper and sometimes funny.
I'll warn you now, I kinda talk a lot, so you should just enjoy it ;)

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That feeling when sleep become literally non-existent to you, so you're a zombie all day, and you start psychoanalyzing yourself for mental reasons you may be awake.

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Carlos.Fantasies asked

Who is the biggest piece of s*** alive today?
Solid Donald trump. He's a douche canoe, with a greased up squirrel on his head.

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What's one band you would like to see more popular?