19 / Female / Straight / In Love
Rainbowcity – DE
Hey guys :3
Im Desiree but most People call me Desi or Daisy c:
Im 15 years old and I have a wonderful boyfriend :3
I was born on a 24th of July c:
Im a atheist.
I love piercings,animals and Music.
My fav. bands are Billy Talent, Eskimo Callboy,Callejon,We butter the bread with butter, Suicide Silence and much more :3
Adventure Time <3
I sing alot c: And I try to learn screaming c:
I play e-bass :3
Im addicted to horrormovies and creepypastas, I translate them into german :3
I also love playing video games :3
I like Sonic and Death Note :3
I have schizophrenia and depression.
I have a French bulldog called Emma and cat his name is Murphy c:
Im a little shy but I love meeting new people c:

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i want my pink hair back but I have to wait ┬┤till december ._.