15 / Female / Polysexual / Single and Looking
Monroeville – US
I'm not a whore, so i won't go straight for sex. I'm looking for a partner who I can introduce to my family and will claim me as theirs. I'm not very picky but I have a weakness for country boys with a hot Southern accent. I want someone who can pull me close. I want a protective, dominant guy to look after me.
I come acrossed strong to alot of people, but I am actually pretty innocent. I love oriental foods and my dream date is spent in my lovers arms in the back of a truck or out mudding. I am mostly country, but I have a few city girl traits that confuse people. I put up a shield and pretend to be strong, but in all honesty, I'm weak and I need protecting.
IF you live in Indiana, and date me, you will probably get sex now and then, it is legal if you are four years older then me. No more.

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Any dom☆inant's willing to take me in as their sub☆missive??