18 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
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Ohio – US
Have snap chat and kik ask if ypu want to know me lol. Hey i am sabrina and i am gay and i also love paris and france and the french language, I also love to SWIM. Or do anything really in water and I also really love aquariums and fish, they are some pretty majestic animals. My favorite bands are
-pierce the viel
I can play instruments my favorite is the violin piano and then my voice but i love to sing and dance and i love to watch movies and read books like TMI AND TID by Casandra Clare i ride rip stick lol.- dont know if i spelled that right lol. I don't really care for a world today its kinda s***ty. I fuvking love skittles. If you have read done to this much then congrats to you. Also love alternative music.

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Bomb threat to our school so we have to stay home today. That sucks 😥..😭!

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mylittlepony23 asked

Hey do u want to text and look up the song why worry by set it off then tell me if u like them or not
Sure i am up for anything new