23 / Non-binary / Pansexual
Quebec – CA
Hello everi boddie mah nam is Moss Wynter I am a pansexual, dat menz I onli find guis attraxtive, so no grails.
I am also gender fluid, dat menz I onli go by him and he pronuns.
I am a realli hawt n smart porson, I read all da tyme!
I luv fantasie, it is all I eva red.
Mah favorit berks are da Mortal Instruments, I have red all 3 of dem.
Every1 tellz me dat I lerk like a cross butween William Taft and Sloth from The Goonies, if you dnt know who dey are den get da hell out of here!
I guess dat is all for mah profile, if you want to kno more den message me!

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Da furst porson 2 red dis is prognet!

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RockMySocks49 asked

How many languages do you speak?
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