17 / Female / Pansexual
I'm on my Donald Trump shit – US
"I'm dead, wanna hook up?"

American Horror Story is my favorite thing in the world and Evan Peters is my king. <3

Bring Me The Horizon and Machine Gun Kelly are my s***.

Weed and cigarettes are my saviors.

I have 17 piercings & 11/16 gauges. ;p

Cross my path and prepare to be roasted.

I'm a savage and you're weak :*

I'm friendly, if I don't hate you, which is a rare occasion. I hate everybody. ;3

I'm married to music and I'm f***ing Kellin Quinn & Mac Miller, sh, don't tell of my cheating habits. o:

I guess that should be all.


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Hey guys, I prolly won't use this account much more. Add/ message me on my other one. It's StrawberryxCough