14 / Male / In Love
ur mom ass – US
Finest girl I ever met in my whole life
Wanted to take her home, make her my wife
Knew she was a freak when she started talking
She said, "F*** me like we f***ed Bin Laden"(ooh woah)
That girl was freak
She said she wanted me to f*** her harder then the military
F***ed Bin Laden
F*** Bin Laden
F*** Bin Laden
She wanted to f*** me harder then the US government
F***ed Bin Laden
[Verse 2]
She was a freaky kind of girl
Kept up with current events from all around the world
More specifically one event
The time Osama Bin Laden got shot in the head
She said "Do me like that"
But I couldn't track the metaphor
That said I can see you horny like a stegasaur
That said again your request is so irregular
She put on a beard, I started looking at the exit door
Then a turban
Then a tunic
She said "Invade my cave with your special unit"
I said "He wasn't in a cave", but there was no stopping
She demanded that I f*** her like we
F***ed Bin Laden
F*** Bin Laden
F*** Bin Laden

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