74 / Male / Straight / Single
Zombie Killers<3 RainbowUnicorns
Pallet Town – US
Hello there my fellow scene friends I'm Alex and welcome to my page!
First thing you should know is that I usually don't give out my number nor my facebook so yeeaahh sorry :\
Anyways, about me now I skate, work out, play ps3, I loveee to Skype and Kik so ask for my usernameee :D Funny, random, outgoing, I'd be lost without my guitar<3 Also love the accomplishing feeling of making people laugh or at least help brightens someones day ^.^
I don't smoke. Don't drink. Blue & black are my colors, HUGE A Day to Remember fan<3 I can be your best friend or your worst enemy so watch out >:]
Now in a bit more serious note: I can also be the happiest person you know, at least for a while.. I've loved, I've lost. I've been hurt, which is what shaped me into what I am today. Most of us have. One thing I can't stand is knowing that one of my friends is sad or hurt, I can tell you from experience it's the worst feeling in the world so honestly if anyone here ever needs a friend I'm always here, don't be afraid to ask<3 I won't judge(: Kinda cheesy but I'm the kind of person who actually believes in love, there's always that one special person made for somebody somewhere, it's just your job to get your butt out there find them :]
Well that's me, thanks so much if you were actually willing to read all this if you did then tell me and I'll give you the best d*** hug of your life<3 :D

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Satan.Is.My.Daddy asked

do you have facebook?
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I do but I hardly ever go on it anymore :/

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Rate 9/10 >^.^<


Well pfft I haven't talked to you in like 6294 years so I wouldn't remember cx


iiiifff you're nice c:


I knew that.. I just put you there cx


I don't delete people cx


because you like ADTR and I like this song, you should message me.


Hey you! :D


Thanks for acceptingc:




Do you have a kik? >.<