52 / Male / Forever Alone
Man Hole Fortress – US
Hello weaklings, I am Austin of Nazzderoth. I am a level 80 dark wizard specializing in black fire. Do not tread on my page or forever be burnt.
I have recently lost my enchantress and am searching for a new one. Preferably a healer with high cooking stat.

If you are still here *shamook na dernaoth* you are now my slave nothing personel

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What is that burning smell

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Cultist  asked

I have acquired my gear to duel for the reign of emperor with you, you freudian monstrosity
Ah common mistake from an inferior clone. I have refined my gear with plus 10 dark matter of Kinuth. Your despair will fill the shard of Nazareth and I shall once again become Emperor Dark Wizard Austin of reality




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I wanna help eliminate enemies lol