18 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Massachusetts – US
So stuff about me...I am a Gemini if anyone is into the zodiacs like I am..I love singing and listening to bands. My favorite band is Three Days Grace and hope one day I get to go to a concert. What else...my favorite colors are black and red and refuses to wear clothing that are not a dark color. Love wearing beanies and usually out with friends or chilling in my bedroom doing whatever interests me. I also like anime and cosplaying and if I'm not singing my rock I would usually sing in Japanese. I love cute things like cats and dog and...actually...anything cute would do. And I think that's all I can tell you about me so...yea...and if you're interested in having a conversation with me then just message me I guess

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Had a mental breakdown with my friend right next to me...great...