17 / Female / Straight
Wonderland ❤ – NZ
Don't really come online anymore

Current Hair colour: Black ♥

I'll probably stalk you OwO

I Reply More On Kik Than Here

Kik: EatThatSkittle
ツ Random Things I Like That You Probably Don't Care About:

♥ Music: i.imgur.com/PPyWGyr.png
♥ Shows: i.imgur.com/PNKoRZV.png
♥ Movies: i.imgur.com/XEtzAVM.png
♥ Books: i.imgur.com/ShaVYCi.png

Don't have anyone to say is imortant to me.


♥ We're All Mad Here ♥

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Woah. I havent been on this for like 7 months :p hello