20 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Hello all of you adorable cupcakes. My name is Danielle.

I f***ing love Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, and Machine Gun Kelly.

I love all types of music but "Screamo" and Rap (mostly just MGK, Eminem and Tupac) are my favorite.

If I dont answer right away I am most likely planning me and Oliver Sykes wedding.

My life plan is to basically become a professional photographer move to California or Paris and marry Oliver Sykes(:

Do not try and tell me I will never marry Oli or it might not go well for you. I very well understand that he will never want to marry someone like me but just let me have my moment okay.

Lmao anywhore on a serious note If any of you needs an ear to listen ill be here and I will help out as much as I can. Nobody is worth you ending your life.

I love you all!! <3

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