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hug monster love wif DarkSapphireWolf
Hiiiaaa well im Dani... and im shy at first>.<.. I love all of you and i don't know you...<3 I'm in love with Ben Bruce from the band Asking Alexandria ... I think we should get married don't you? but i love my music i can talk for hours on music<3 and yes it is me in the photos please do not call me fake.... Yes im gay i love the penis.. sorry no va jay jays for me! haha well idk what to say now... ummm 0.0 you have a nice day-night-evening and message me so im not a loner!

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punching walls not a good idea

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aww thank you your pretty to boi:)


This guy is amazing and so sweet! He gives amazing hugs! That is why he is my hug monster! <3 love you buddy.