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In this Ghost Town, you should Have Faith In Me because the White Rabbit is having its Misery Business with Carolyn. We're all screaming "I Miss The Misery" as we're falling through the ground, standing in line for Dancing With The Devil. We're never The American Average as some scream Break Down The Walls, some of us being A Prophecy, only nearing to see The Deep End and Watch Me Bleed as I Follow You Into The Dark.

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
That's a hard question... It was probably my grandmother before she passed away. Then its my dad and my boyfriend. They both are always there for me and I know I can count on them(:

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Thank you cx and yes, it is quite funny, but hey, some people might find them entertaining sooooooo we're good xD


We have no messages together....I find that weird


I love you so much hun, things WILL get better I promise.....relationships suck until you find the perfect one that puts up with your bulls*** and still loves you anyway.....you will find that, I promise (:


Turkamayne don't wear no shirt, turkamayne just get sunburnt . take two turkeys, put 'em on your hands, step right up and see the turnkamayne !!!


Turkamayne aint got no hands so put them nubs up in the ait and TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK TURK


Thanks for the request;) Don't be a stranger


you are NICE :P



I know you...and I know it wouldn't have been good xD


know you do xD which is why I told you no lol