19 / Male / Straight / Single
Jingletown – US
I'm 19, I make music and write music and I write poems, stories, and creepypastas. I'm an asshole but the good kind of asshole. I'm supportive and brutally honest. I'm not a very good conversationalist. 420 friendly. I like anime and manga and japanese music. I like to read. Horror movies are my favorite. I think that's pretty much it XD I just like to keep s*** simple

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Still cant believe ima be f***in 20 next month. S***s crazy

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Rowan asked

I really like your blue hair, it's very cool~ xx
Lol thank you

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Attention everyone, this is MY best friend <3 Hurt him and I will kill you cx I love chu, best friend, stay looking cute and awesome cx Mwuah


Im good :) thanks for asking