25 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
The Dj World – UK
Im straight Im a dj and I'm Muka's sister. We like playing music together,we actually make good beats you know o.o' My name is Tipp. I know it's a weird name.. also Muka edited my picture. Im quite crazy,like literally crazy. Just like as you see those drunk people at parties. I have a back tattoo and I wear contacts,gloves,and other stuff. Thats my fashion. Me and Muka fight a lot,and we don't add each other. I cut>.> Jk I don't,but if i did,I hate it when people try to make you stop by saying crap -.-' The picture I posted in the background is Muka fyi. We both have stuff in common. Like,we both love neon colors and we're both djs. She copied me first since I became a dj first.Anyways I'm straight unlike Muka,that's bisexual. I'm cool like that.