18 / Male / Straight / Single
Graffiti Park – US
If I Stumble
Deep inside my lonely mind there's a mad man screaming
Im lost within my own thoughts trying to find that deeper meaning
I'm pretending I'm okay but it's not always what it seems
My life is but a nightmare amongst these other dreams
Now every time I close my eyes I see the darkness peak
Shut your mind and listen up to hear the voices speak
Always echoing off the walls of my hollow insides
Where theres nothing for miles and there's nowhere to hide
While daily these thoughts are locked inside my brain
Pounding against my head like an aching migraine
Using alcohol to drown my memories
But my head pounds harder killing all melodies
They say the eyes are a window into the soul
but tell what can you really see if mine are so black and so cold
Dragging my thoughts back to the childhood I never had
Thinking maybe all her drinking wasn't so bad
And maybe I was the one to blame
The bad child of a mother with no name
I'm lost with all these questions, asking why gin
But I've always had the answers etched beneath my skin
So for now until forever I don't wanna give in
But no matter how hard I try I can never win
So I have no choice unless I wish to plummet
With the constant hunger pains scratching against my stomach
The feeling is so familiar after years of practice
Coloring in between the lines like an actress
but no matter how much i come undone
this mental state is nothing i can run from


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i love your music <3 well most of it