22 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Lansing – US
Hi my name is Cylei I'm 21 years old i like to sing and dance and party. I love Monster drinks they are so good also, I'm a cheerleader. I'm looking for a boy who can love me for who i am and that is sweet and that's kind. My favorite bands Attila ,FIR, PTV, BVB, SWS, Mice Of Men, BTF, Asking Alexandria, AAS. Add me on kik:cylei15 .If u want to know anything about me just message me on here! If u want my number just ask and ill give it to u.

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If he would understand that i have s*** to take care of and he has work thats why we barley talk but i was trying but clearly he moved on ugh smfh😞💯

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Did you got raped before