18 / Male / In Love
Hey! This is Mathew
or as my minions refer to me
mephisto! (bwahahaha)
I'm new to the site but i was brought here by the best best best person ever!
I love you
she is my one and only
she is the reason i live
i didn't have the easiest life growing up (I wont go into detail but it kinda messed me up)
I wasn't sure what to do with my life
until petra came into it
she gave me a reason to live again
I hope you guys don't judge me like everyone else
I have horrible self esteem, and i hate hate hate bullies!
if you ever need a friend!
or someone who knows your pain!
add me and i will be your shoulder to cry on
we all need one
and petra is mine
i love you so much baby gurl <3 ;3