21 / Male / Straight / Single
Bloomfield hills – US
hello, my name is Alex Andrews, my friends call me Crow. im single and im looking for someone who will love and understand me. I love inked and pierced people. tattoos, piercings and colorful hair is my weakness. I'm into steampunk, cyberpunk, darkness, morbid stuff, old world stuff and lots of unusual stuff. I think we all should be ourselves. i live in the Oakland area of Michigan i am a jeweler, i like, vampires, dark creepy stuff, horror, and Halloween, i have stretched ears and 2 tattoos (I want more tattoos and some piercings)i play xbox, i have a car, um im not sure what else to say so just ask, I'm also a submissive /.\

Kik: slaveofshadow

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Idk what im doing