22 / Male / Straight / Single
talkitive friends leahla.kiss.me
Well i'm a youtuber, i do that thing with Games, Music,Intros,Readings, Pretty much about anything you can think of cus i can. <3
Also a model and vocalist and i love girls with red or blue hair c;

Also hired by Microsoft, can do C++, and Gonna intern at google in about a year so ya might see me hackin your email and sending your porn history to your friends, Oh and btw i see what you look at ;)

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Spent the night with my love and replying to all my Social networks today xD be sure to check out last weeks vid

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SkyeLoveBaby420 asked

If you could have any super power, anything at all, what would it be and why?
To kill anyone i want just by thinking of it:3333

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9/10 c: