22 / Male / Widowed
needs more proposals kinzie
// be right back after this commercial break //

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I just wanna post a selfie but theres so much going on and it's very interesting to read

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you're julio mr coolio
Wait, what? Why?

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i luv you thanks for always being so kind to me ur the friggin best <<3


Well holy f***ing s***, lol how have you been precious?


Hold up are you the Alexx that’s been on here since like 2014-2016?


Bless ur heart primo, I'm v close to u bc u were kind to me from the start, and I wanna let u know ur hella strong, I'm you've been thru s*** but UR A REAL F***ING CHILLIDOG! ur adoreable, too sweet, kind, funny, sassy and i will always have the upmost respect for you 🌼