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|| Everything in life has purpose. You, chickens, a midget at a circus. ||

DrPhil , a friend, I don't ever know what to put here for her.

Dp was commissioned. It was done by one of my favorite artist, nuisance 

Precious gets one up here bc she's precious.

Other cool people:
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β—‹ Cultist 
β—‹ scientist

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Oh no wait, you were the mitten bandit.

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nuisance  asked

you've been nothing but sweet to me. you're so cool, and i kinda look up to you. you're really funny, and i have so much respect. also, you have to let me braid flowers into your hair too. you're so f***ing cool, alexx. i'd share my hot fries w you.
My heart, it is crying. Tears of happiness.

You are too kind!

But look up to me? What??

Also yes, go ahead! I'd love flowers in my hair!