19 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Montgomery TX. – US
well... I love making new friends im almost always broken hearted due to back stabbing jerks and rude guys. (shocker) fav. colors are purple, orange, and black. I love cats, rainbows, candy bracelets, BOTDF, green day, imagine dragons, any music that can get me dancing and singing with it, dr. who, Sherlock, supernatural, cosplay, anime, manga, HOMESTUCK, conventions, pocky, CAKE, sweets, hot Cheetos and well too many things lol. I actually have a typing quirk that I normally use and its just I shorten everything I type cause its a lot quicker. um I love role playing (texts) I have a very bubbly quirky random fun type of atmosphere and personality that makes me unique but if im first meeting you I will be careful cautious and shy due to a hard past. I always stand up for what is right and have pretty good advice. I don't self harm because I hate blood and cause I am always getting random nosebleeds. if im offended or mad I will try to calmly address the matter but if all else fails then im so sorry.... im a really good person but I have a bad memory like I can remember peoples faces but not the names lol and I often forget my past I have this weird thing like if something really bad happens (bullying 4 example) I will forget the ENTIRE month/year it happened in. I love adorable plushies and the skeleton animals (skullamals??) I HATE math, school, Mondays, gym, bullies, stereotypes (some cases) and onions xp (I love making those faces)) IM NOT ALWAYS SCENE ((but mostly~<3))

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hating homework and school