19 / Male
Dallas, TX – US
I Can't believe this exists. Well, I'm a straight metal head, as in deathmetal and s***. Examples would be Toxic Holocaust, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Gorepot, Conducting From the Grave, Murderdolls, Carach Angren, s*** like that. I'm also into a f***ton of hardcore punk, but that's separate. I am music major in Composition, for classical and jazz. I'm being tossed between Rise and Sumerian records at the moment as well, with my own bands and a few they want me to join (Fire From the God). Don't know what to say honestly, i don't have much f***s to give ever, so there's that.

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I find it f***in funny that my social skills are so bad that they transfer to my online life XD